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Executive Committee

Section Chair
Dan Mateja
Phone:  (219) 399-1489 (work)
(708) 829-4872 (cell)

Section Chair Emeritus
Bill Blackmon
Phone: (708) 575-2534

Bill has served 38 years in the aerospace and chemical industries in various technical and managerial roles.  He is a Certified Quality Engineer and has been an active member of ASQ since 2002, previously serving ASQ Section 1213 as the newsletter editor.  Participation in the Statistics, Food-drug and Cosmetics sections and Computer sections fills part of his need to be a continuous learner.
He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Keller Institute.
He shares the following additionally:
“Throughout my career I have learned:
•    The importanance of reliability. For it is said that maintenance builds capacity.
•    That product quality is determined by customer needs. You must listen to the customer to determine if you are meeting the ever evolving target of product quality.
•    I learned that teamwork and tooling is what moves us forward. In addition it is important to have the right tools for the job. Also I learned to work with facts.  I like data.
•    My belief in the sincerity and sprit of people was valid. I once had an operator take me to the field to show me an improvement that would make the operation more efficient. With my staff we completed the improvement and cut our cycle times by 20%.
•    As an Engineering Manager I learned design is important but not as important as function.   Many projects have been engineered that look good but cannot meet the original design criteria.
•    Process mapping is a must in IT system designand start-upcontinuous improvement. If you have no idea what is happening today, It is not possible plan an improvement.
In my career I have taught varied subjects from Front End Loader operation to the tools of Statistical Process Control.
It is my pleasure to serve as the chair of Illiana 1213.”

Membership Chair
Julie Healy
Phone: (219) 399-2351

Program Chair
Coline Amaury

Coline is currently a Senior Member of ASQ and ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Prior to joining the Illiana Section Leadership Team, she was involved in the Board Leadership Committee for ASQ Fox Valley Section 1208, serving as the Arrangements & Recognition Chair as well as the Audit Chair. She earned a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

Janellen McCoy

Keith Gardner

Committee Chairs

Auditing Committee Chair
Gene Kessler
Phone: (219) 473-4299

Education Chair
Barbara M Banek
Phone: (219) 399-6120

Proctor Chair
Dan Mateja
Phone:  (219) 399-1489 (work)
(708) 829-4872 (cell)

Recertification Chair & Internet Liason
Carlithe Layosa

Phone:  (815) 603-1098 (cell)

Carlithe (“Car-lette”) Layosa is a ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UIC.

Nominating Committee Chair
Eleanor Wolfram

Phone: 708-755-7000 x337

Voice of the Customer (VOC) Chair
Steven Schuelka
Phone: (219) 689-3804

Steven Schuelka received his B.S. & M.S. Degrees in Statistics from Iowa State University and a M.S.E. Degree from Purdue University. He has taught numerous seminars in SPC, Design of Experiments and Statistical Methods at a variety of Colleges within the Illiana region over the past twenty five years. He has been a member of ASQ for more than 30 years and is currently the Regional Director for Region 12 and an ASQ Board of Directors member. He is a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) and a Certified Quality Manager (CQM). Steven worked two years with Philllips Petroleum as a quality engineer, 15 years with Inland Steel Company as a statistical engineer and supervisor, five years employed by The Methodist Hospitals as an Organizational Performance Manager and then as a reliability engineer and statistical consultant on the Space Shuttle Program. Steve had been the Director of the Master of Science in Quality Assurance program at Calumet College before becoming an instructor at Purdue University.

Newsletter Editor
Carrie Wilson
Phone:  (219) 989-9150 x340

ASQ Region & National Contact Information

Region 12 Director
Steven Schuelka

Phone: (219) 689-3804

ASQ National Headquarters
Phone:  (800) 248-1946